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"Using your program, I started with only $100.00 and am now making an extra $500.00 to $700.00 a month. I have turned my original $100.00 into over $1,200.00." Mike

Dear Friend,

     Hello and welcome to my web site.

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is John P. Barringer, and I'm an option trader, and I invest for a living. 

It is my pleasure to offer you information on how you too can make a good living, option trading.  This information represents over 24 years of stock option trading experience. 

Back in 1990, the information available on stocks, stock charts and online option trading was somewhat limited compared to the information available today with the Internet.  The Internet allows me to share my knowledge with people like you today.

Over the last 10 plus years, the Internet has developed to the point where ordinary people, with very little knowledge of investing or investment strategies, can successfully chart the daily prices of thousands of stocks and instantly get stock option pricing information and make stock option trades without ever leaving their homes.

Does this appeal to you?  Are you interested in making some extra money or are you looking to supplement or replace your present income?  I am not one to boast, so I will not make outrageous claims of how much money you can make option trading. 

The amount of money you can make will actually depend on the amount of money you have to start investing with.  You can start with as little as $100.

Here are some of the benefits YOU too can enjoy from option trading.

  • No boss!  Be your own boss!
  • No commute!  Trade stock options from your home.

  • Excellent income!  Make much more money trading options than you could make with any employer.
  • "Job" security!  Never be "fired" or "laid off" from trading stock options.
  • Freedom!  Come and go as you please.
  • Success!  Become a successful stock option trader with very little effort.
  • Happiness!  When you add all of it up, happiness is what you get.


There are literally dozens of other benefits I could list here.  I choose to list the most important to me.  I didn't bother to list the "material" aspects that come with being a successful stock option trader.  Beautiful home, new cars, three - two week vacations every year. Money!  Those benefits are nice as well.

If these things appeal to you, then you need to become a stock option trader.  It's not as difficult or complicated as you might think.   I believe you can do it.  With my book  and your efforts you will soon believe the same! 

"I've used this exact same secret method, I'm going to share with you, to generate a good living, option trading on the internet!"

Here's what another one of my customer's had to say:

"At the age of 59, the opportunity to earn a living from my home by online investing is probably the most important part of your program.  I now make more money from my kitchen table than I use to make as a dock worker on the other side of town and I have only been doing this for three months now." Lou

I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

E-book Edition (Download PDF)
Stock Option Profits
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INVESTING - "Investing For A Living"

You probably noticed, under the header of my web site, the statement "Investing For A Living".  This statement exemplifies what my system is all about.  Hopefully, investing for a living is exactly what you are looking to do.

Now there are many types of investments that can earn you a good income. Stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses.  All of these investments can earn you a very good income, if you have enough money to start with.  What would you consider to be a "good" income? 100K a year sounds nice. I think we all would agree that $2,000 a week would be a nice income.

Imagine how many shares of stock you would need to own to earn approximately 100K a year?  Probably tens of thousands of shares. What do you think all of those shares would cost?  That's a good question.  Real estate is much the same. Bonds? Who knows.

How about owning/running a business?  Do you like to spend all of your time at work?  Most successful businesses require 60 plus hours of personal time invested every week to become successful and this is being very conservative. 

You will also need a huge amount of up front cash or assets, to start any proven successful business.  This is not the case, when you work from home trading stock options, using the methods you will learn in my E-book Stock Option Profits.

Now, what about stock options?  How much money would you need to earn $100,000 in a year?  Well, there are stock options available for as little as $20 each.  How much can you make from a $20 stock option?  Well, you could lose $20 or you could sell it four weeks later for $480. 

You win some, you lose some.  If you don't make the trade, nothing gained nothing lost.  I have learned from experience, with proper money management, your losses will always be less than your gains.  This is because your losses are limited.  However, your gains are almost unlimited.

Simply stated, the most you can lose is 100% of your investment if you are ignorant of the basic rules of stock option trading.  However, you can easily make 100%, 200%, 300% or much more from your initial investment if you just make the trade.

ADVICE - " something we all want when attempting something new..."

Advice is something we all want when attempting something new.  Especially something as important as stock option trading.

If you are like me, you probably look to the Internet to find information about most subjects.  Searching the Internet for stock option information will return a wide variety of web sites with a varied list of option trading strategies and programs. 

Many of these sites assume that you have some knowledge of stock option trading.  My experience selling Stock Option Profits over the Internet, has shown me that the vast majority of people who purchase my E-book are very new to stock option trading.

This being the case, I have been flooded with many questions about trading stock options. Most of these questions come from a lack of experience in trading stock options. This is very understandable.

For those of you who just need some basic advice about stock option trading, here is some sound advice:

Never turn your trading capital over to anyone else to trade.
No one cares as much about your money as you do. Frequently, "investment companies" are only out to make the commissions from your trades

Investment Companies get their commissions by buying you in and out of many trades until your trading capital has diminished to nothing. They will then try to get more money from you. They prey off of people who are ignorant of the actual markets they are trading. If you are going to trade stock options, do it yourself!

Learn as much as you can about stock options.
The easiest way to learn about stock option investing is to go to your local book store and buy as many books as you can afford on stock option investing. Many of the best books available can also be bought on the Intern
et. has the best prices on all of these books. Educate yourself as much as possible.  That's what my E-books are all about!

Keep your trading simple.
There are many different trading strategies available for stock options. Some of which are very complicated to people with very little experience. This is a mistake I made myself, in the beginning. I tried many different strategies. Some were very successful. Some were not.

I found real "success" by simply buying long or short. You can't get any simpler than a stock's price either going up or going down. Keep it simple!

Use a system that works.
There are many different "trading systems" that will make money in the markets. You could literally spend days researching all of the sales pitches for the systems. I have researched many of these systems myself.

I have yet to find a "system" that works fundamentally as well as Stock Option Profits. It is very simple, allows you to control your own investments and has a proven record of success! Obviously, it is the only system I recommend.

Use smart money management.  A good rule of thumb, is to never invest more than 10% of your total account value at any give time.

STRATEGY - " will definitely need a good sound strategy."

To be successful option trading, you will definitely need a good sound strategy. Stock Option Profits will give you the strategy for finding profitable stock option trades by locating stock price reversals.

Stock Price reversals are key to making money, option trading.  Without a good entry strategy you are more likely to guess your way into the markets and guessing is definitely not the best strategy for investing.

Once you are in the market, you will need another good strategy. The exit strategy is probably more important than the entry strategy. You must have a good exit plan before you ever make a trade. You must also stick with your exit strategy no matter what you think the option price is going to do.

The simplest and most effective exit strategy has been around longer than all of us. "Let your profits ride and cut your losses short!" This sounds very easy to do, however, I have found that many first timers option trading, completely forget this simple statement once the action begins.

Stock Option Profits explains how to get into a trade and how to get out of a losing trade. When to exit a profitable trade will be entirely up to you.

As far as a profit strategy, try to earn at least 20% a week on your trades. Is this possible? On average you could make about 45% a week by simply letting your
profits ride and cutting your losses short. Of course, some weeks are much better than others. To be successful  option trading, you have to take the bad with the good. After all, you can't make money on every trade.

Did You Know - " can learn to spot stocks that are literally "screaming out" their price direction..."

In about thirty minutes you can learn to spot stocks that are literally "screaming out" their price direction, allowing maximum opportunity, for profiting, from calls and puts. Using smart money management techniques (which you will learn in my new E-book, Stock Option Profits) can prevent you from "losing your shirt" on trades that don't go your way.

After reading my E-book, you will be able to log on to BigCharts and set up your charts so that the direction of the next price swing for, lets say, Yahoo, was right before your eyes. Don't like Yahoo? How about Dell, Nortel, Home Depot. There are thousands of possible stocks out there that my system will work on. With my help, you will be able to spot the next big move for any stock that can be charted.


Stock Options - " will learn how to confirm the direction of the trend..."

Using your computer, from your home or office, you can buy options on stocks, whose price is either going up or down.  Once a stock's price trend is determined, you will learn how to confirm the direction of the trend in my E-book, Stock Option Profits ) simply go online or phone your broker and place your trade.  As the trend continues, in as little as one week, you can easily double your initial investment.  Should the stock's price trend go against you, I will teach you a fundamental money management technique that will protect as much as 90% of your initial investment.

If you are serious about making money by trading stock options, my system is all you will ever need.  Once you have completed my E-book, all you will need to do is set up your on-line option enabled trading account.  You will need to buy absolutely nothing else from me.

Startup Cost - " your account with absolutely no money up front..."

Before you can make any money trading stock options, you will need to open a brokerage account with a local stock broker or with a online brokerage company. 

Many online brokerage companies will require you to open your account with a minimum deposit.  This deposit can be anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.  However, I have found one that will let you open your account with absolutely no money up front, until you get ready to make your first trade, then deposit what is needed for that trade.

This company is  When you get ready to start trading, send them the money you will need to buy your selected options.  This will keep you from tying up thousands of dollars. 

Many local stock brokers will also allow you to purchase only the options you will need without requiring a substantial deposit.  If you prefer to trade online without using a broker, has all of the features of any of the major Internet brokerages. Give them a try.


Unlike a lot of systems out there, my system does NOT require you to buy any expensive, specialized, option trading software!

This is all you need to use my system:

  • Internet Access - Hey you're already on your way, as you are reading this page on the internet!
  • Access to online stock charts.  There are many FREE charts on the internet, and my E-book  tells you exactly how to set them up!
  • An On-Line Brokerage Account.

     That's it!  And you're on your way to make a good living, option trading on the internet!

Calls & Puts - " can make just as much on the decrease of a stock's price as you can on the increase..."

As you probably know, due to the nature of stock options, you can make just as much on the decrease of a stock's price as you can on the increase of a stock's price.  Stock Option Profits consistently forecasts the reversal of a stock's price up to 90% of the time.

If the stock's price is showing signs of turning up, you buy calls.  If the stock's price is showing signs of turning down, you buy puts.  By following the
information in my E-book, you will have the knowledge to know when and what to buy, early enough to make maximum profits.

Profits- "How much money can I make option trading?"

Here's the part everyone wants to know.  How much can I make option trading?  The answer to this question depends on your efforts, and the amount of money you have to invest.  And the amount of profit you allow your stock options to accumulate.

There are many factors that will determine the amount of money you can make by option trading. However,  I have found that 20% to 100% is the average profit range on my successful stock option trades within about a week.  Stocks whose price is trending solidly in one direction or another can easily return 200% to 500% in about three to four weeks.

Of course, not all stock options will react the same.  Some options may increase 20% to 30% in a couple of weeks.  Others increase 100% to 200% in just a few days.  The key to profiting from stock options is to confirm the trend.  You will learn how to do that with Stock Option Profits.

Testimonials - Here's what some my customers had to say:

"Thanks for all of your support.  Your prompt answers made all of the difference." Ron

"Using your program, I started with only $100.00 and am now making an extra $500.00 to $700.00 a month. I have turned my original $100.00 into over $1,200.00." Mike

"I like the idea of making money no matter which way the stock price is going.  About four times now, I have turned a losing trade into a winning trade by reversing my position." Kenny

"At the age of 59, the opportunity to earn a living from my home by online investing is probably the most important part of your program.  I now make more money from my kitchen table than I use to make as a dock worker on the other side of town and I have only been doing this for three months now." Lou

"I am very interested in getting started in trading options.....You made a believer of me.....Thank you for your help." Eddie

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AOL Sept. Calls, + 233% in one week.


One Final Note - "...most of these companies will buy you in and out of stock options until all of your investment capital is gone."

There are hundreds of "investment companies or brokers" which promise to turn your "risk capital" into thousands and thousands if you will only deposit a minimum of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000.....with their brokers, who dutifully watch the personal investment funds, of all of the thousands of other people like you looking to earn some extra cash from stock option trading. 

The truth is, most of these companies or brokers will buy you in and out of stock options until all of your investment capital is gone and you are BROKE!  They get paid commissions on every trade.  I receive e-mails every week saying this same thing.  I truly hope this does not describe your situation.

I discovered several years ago, that the only way to make money in stock option trading, was to do it myself.  With the growth of the Internet, stock option trading is finally available to the masses. 

Without someone standing in the way saying you can't do it.  My E-book, Stock Option Profits will teach you in about thirty minutes, how to make a good living, option trading on your own.

I know that many of you reading this are probably skeptical.  You may be one of those who have lost money in the past by following someone else's advice or recommendations.  

Stock Option Income does not give any trading recommendations at all.  My E-book will teach you, in very simple terms, how you can spot investment opportunities yourself without anyone's help or advice.

So, if you would like to start earning a good living option trading.  You owe it to yourself to "invest in your education"  and buy this E-book today!

The Cost - What's an education in investing worth?

Let me explain what you will receive.

YOU will get the E-Book, Stock Option Profits, which will show you how to use stock charts on the Internet to predict the next reversal in a stocks price, for maximum profits trading options.

YOU will learn the very important art of smart money management, so your profits ride and your losses are cut short.

YOU will learn why you should never buy some stock options, no matter what the price chart is saying!

YOU will also get a FREE bonus E-book, Stock Market Profits, which will show you how to easily earn money trading stock.  This E-book sold for $39.95. You will get it absolutely FREE, with the purchase of Stock Option Profits!

To ease your skepticism a bit, I am offering you a

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  Use the strategies RISK FREE for 60 days.  I only offer a 100% RISK FREE Guarantee, because I know these strategies work!  If after using the techniques in the E-book for 60 days, you have not made any money on your real option trading, I'll refund 100% of your money!  Simply send me a copy of your real option trades, and request a refund after using these methods for 60 days.  That's all you have to do.

I personally Guarantee it will work for you, or your money back!

     John Paul Barringer

E-book Edition (Download PDF)
Stock Option Profits
With Free Bonus, "Stock Market Profits"

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